Market Intelligence Helps To Meet Customer Needs

Market Intelligence Research – Part One

Today’s marketplace is moving at a whirlwind pace. Existing domestic competitors and rapidly developing foreign threats are undermining your revenue streams and profitability. Meeting customers’ needs before your competition does is imperative just for survival of your long-term existence.

On Target Market Intelligence Research

On Target Market Intelligence Research from Just The Facts

What is called for is comprehensive research into what we refer to as Market Intelligence. This means keeping ahead of your competition by anticipating and monitoring their past, present and future moves. Studies consistently demonstrate that firms having proactive competitive market intelligence research at their disposal produce superior results.

Just The Facts Research assists clients with a critical strategic knowledge obtained through our highly skilled use of competitive research tools, lessening your business’ vulnerability. This research into the intelligence of your market competitors covers many aspects, including:

  • Industry analysis for trends and key dynamics and shifting core drivers.
  • Market assessment: should we enter/stay in this niche, do we have right product-service mix, how well served by competitors now?
  • Comprehensive company and management profiling to understand capabilities.
  • In-depth company diagnosis for all SWOT elements (strength, weakness, opportunities and threats).
  • Pre-acquisition investigation of all key market drivers: products, marketing, sales, R&D, positioning, brand strength-weakness, new products capabilities, distribution channels.
  • Customer perspectives analysis; who are they, why do they or don’t they buy, how strong is product offering, likelihood of future purchase, competitive trade-offs.

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If you need assistance in researching and analyzing information based on market intelligence pick up the phone and call Just The Facts today at 847-506-0033 for a FREE consultation to discuss project needs.

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