Beginning The Research Process At Just The Facts

Company Philosophy – Part Two

The JTF process begins with full capability to provide one or more services:

Just The Facts Company Philosophy

Just The Facts Company Philosophy

  • Comprehensive secondary knowledge for framing a project and its foundation.
  • Complete competitive intelligence investigation for gaining insights of the market and competitors.
  • Innovative qualitative (focus groups/one-ones) for deep understanding of needs, attitudes, behaviors, and perceptions.
  • Substantive quantitative (surveys-mall intercepts-IHUT) for large-scale representative response from target audiences to ensure viability.
  • Strategic consulting for guiding and developing successful product, business and operational opportunities.

Additional one-stop capabilities include:

  • Global product and sample pickup
  • Mystery shopping (client vs. competitors)
  • Translation capabilities (over 60 languages)
  • Comprehensive Website analysis and usability studies

Part 2 of 2.  Read Part one of Company Philosophy.

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