Illinois November Election Voters Polled Out With Over-Kill

This recent Chicago Channel 7- ABC video discusses the close gubernatorial race in Illinois. In the video, Bruce Tincknell of Just The Facts Research discusses the critical importance of polling “likely voters” versus a meaningless “registered voter.” With the high level of low registered voter turnout, it’s imperative media and political polls screen for “likely voters” to have any relevance.

In this election season, households and voters are what Just The Facts Research, Inc. calls “Polled Out.”

Telephone Polling Flooding Households

During the run-up to the November election, candidates are hammering households with an over-kill and flood of telephone polling in an attempt to determine voter sentiments in Illinois and across the nation.

The frenzy is especially noticeable as the Democratically-controlled US Senate is in grave jeopardy of being lost to Republicans in this off-year election. That would leave President Obama in a lonely position with few options and greater likelihood of increased use of his “Executive Order” provision.

But in the process, voters are caught in the middle, being bombarded with phone surveys of all manner, shape and size.

Suburban registered voter Lauren Young says “thank goodness I have a cell phone, if I only had a home phone, it would be so tiresome, I’d feel like I’m under assault.”

Just How Good Are The Poll Results?

This poises campaign managers of both parties with a dilemma, “how to accurately gauge” true voter sentiment? Individuals are extremely annoyed with all the calling and as a result either not participating in polls or giving “mashable” responses to auto-dial call ups. This leads to wondering just how good the poll results really are.

In Illinois, where there is a hotly contested gubernatorial race between Democratic incumbent Pat Quinn and Republican challenger Bruce Rauner, the phones are ringing off the hook. And voter fatigue and annoyance has set in deeply with the veracity of the sheer number of calls to their homes.

The impact of this “Polled Out, Over-Kill” environment is a denigration and resistance to market research studies overall that will have far-reaching impact beyond just the election.
It is getting harder and harder to research respondents in non-election periods, and one has to wonder if all this political polling isn’t taking a toll and adding to research fatigue in general.

At Just The Facts Research, Inc we’ve seen “dial-complete rates” jump higher and higher, sometimes as much as 50-80:1. This of course, has great impact on quality of results, call center productivity and overall client budgets.

For further consultation on all types of market research needs, contact Bruce Tincknell, Managing Director of Just The Facts Research, Inc. in Arlington Hts, IL. or call him today at 847-506-0033 or visit our main Web site Just The.Facts.

Research Shows Social Media Main News Source For Millennials

Just The Facts Quik Trends™: Fragmentation of News Sources for Millennials

Just The Facts, Inc.® market research was not surprised by a recent article in Investor’s Business Daily that Millennials’ information sources are “not your father’s Newies” 3/26/14.

MillennialsToday’s young adults are relying heavily on social networks’ apps for their news and information. Other sources are not real news, like Jon Stewart or of Jimmy Fallon of the Tonight Show.  As a result, some have defined Millennials as “low information” because they rely less on in-depth sources versus more social “idea-sharing” as Just The Facts Research has discovered in its analysis. Continue reading

Consider Audience Options In Sample Phone Market Research

Incidence Critical to Successful Surveys

Live Telephone Interviews

Live Telephone Interviews Bring Best Results

Just The Facts, Inc.® market research is constantly wrestling with the balance between a survey’s cost and it’s incidence level.  Survey costs can be among the most difficult to pinpoint, especially with unknown or low incidence target audiences.

What’s at Stake, Solving the Incidence Puzzle

Just The Facts, Inc.® market research has discovered that younger audiences, under 30, are increasingly harder to reach with phone surveys.  Yet with the large movement to online surveys, the quality of them is more suspect.

For survey research, Just The Facts, Inc.® market research still prefers phone methodology.  This is for several reasons.  Having a live interviewer contact, who is engaging, personal and inviting, enables adapting to respondent participation and concerns.   We also see better quality data and minimal self-selection bias. Self-selection bias can be a significant issue as the number of “professional online panel survey-takers” increases. Continue reading

Changing Incentives Used For Online Marketing Survey Panels

Consumer Marketing Surveys – Final of Four Parts

New Moms In Online Marketing Surveys

New Mom’s Input Into Online Marketing Surveys Is Competitive

Just The Facts, Inc. ® market research looked at the issue of incentives for online panel surveys…  “It’s really crazy, now” our source related, “incentive-wise, it’s a whole new ball-game as well.  It used to be you could get respondents to participate for ‘points’ the equivalent of say, $.50 cents to $1.00 depending on the length and complexity of the survey.  Now, people value their time much more highly.  And they have such hectic lives and competition for their time is greater than ever.” Continue reading

Insider Reveals Nature Of Online Marketing Survey Panels

Consumer Marketing Surveys – Part Three of Four

Just The Facts ® is following up with additional “insider” insights regarding online panels, and their cautions to be aware of…

People Go Shopping. Motion Blur

People Go Shopping.

As we all know, for the past few years the rise in online panels has been dramatically on the rise, as consumer package goods firms in particular, embrace them for their quick-turn-around, flexibility, ease of use and perceived lower costs.  Online panel users, consumer companies, want quality results with speed, but increasingly we’re seeing those two aren’t necessarily coexistent at high levels. Continue reading

Consider The Quality Of On Line Marketing Survey Panels

Consumer Marketing Surveys – Part Two of Four

In the first part of this I discussed whether traditional phone surveys and mall intercept surveys were returning to favor in marketing research projects as versus on line marketing survey panels. Here are some of the negatives we associate with on line surveys.

Feedback Options On Blackboard

Quality of On Line Marketing Surveys

In the earlier days of online panels it was all a new, interesting, and fun endeavor for respondents.  Taking a few surveys, getting some points and redeeming them for goods or services.  But now, it’s getting “old hat”, respondents are over-used, or they are dropping out so fast, that online panel providers are constantly scrambling to refill the respondent funnel with new candidates. Continue reading

Speed vs Quality In Online Marketing Survey Panels Results

Consumer Marketing Surveys – Part One of Four

Just The Facts Research, Inc ® has been interested and monitoring the usage of online panels, and our learning will be of interest to most consumer researchers.

Hand Pressing A ButtonAs we all know, for the past few years the rise in online panels has been dramatically on the rise, as consumer package goods firms in particular, embrace them for their quick-turn-around, flexibility, ease of use and perceived lower costs.  Online panel users, consumer companies, want quality results with speed, but increasingly we’re seeing those two aren’t necessarily coexistent at high levels.

However in the past 12-18 months, we’re seeing and hearing heightened concerns from market research clients over quality, and even diminished use of online survey panels.  We’re seeing a return to traditional phone surveys and mall intercept surveys.  Why is that? Continue reading

Mall Intercepts Research Screen Target Audience

Mall Intercepts Research – Part Two

Mall Intercepts ResearchMall intercept research and surveys by Just The Facts, Inc ® are highly effective in screening for the appropriate target audience.  Interviewers go out among mall visitors and screen for the exact target audience desired for the project in progress.  Live, personal, and face-to-face contact is among the most effective means of insuring a client has the right respondents testing and evaluating their products, concepts, advertising or packaging engagements.

At Just The Facts, Inc ® locations, many mall intercept sites also have computers, so that respondents can be directed to existing online surveys for fast, effective and efficient gathering  of real-time data reporting. Continue reading

Mall Intercepts Research Studies On The Rise Again

Mall Intercepts Research – Part One

Mall Intercepts ResearchIncreasingly, mall intercept research is again making resurgence after falling off in usage for a few years.  Just The Facts Research, Inc ® has learned from clients that mall intercept research offers several unique capabilities, knowledge and insights that other methods can’t match as effectively.

While online web surveys are still popular, Just The Facts, Inc ® mall intercept surveys are a very solid method of research for a wide variety of market research testing needs.  Just The Facts, Inc ® has been executing mall intercepts for over 20 years across the U.S. to meet clients’ individualized needs. Continue reading

Market Intelligence Competitive Project Examples

Market Intelligence Research – Part Two

In the first segment of this two-part series on gathering market intelligence through research we stressed this tool to stay ahead of your competitors moves and satisfy your customer needs.

Market Intelligence Competitive Projects

Market Intelligence Competitive Projects

Here are some project examples gathered in competitive market intelligence research:

  • Monthly tracking reports of 17 major competitors for an industrial services firm.
  • Discovering what a new manufacturing facility in the Midwest was to be used for on behalf of a technology firm.
  • Unraveling the depth of threat of a competitor’s new production and packaging technology, and what lead times our client had to respond.
  • Investigating customer perspectives between major mass merchandisers service levels in the home improvement, office supply and general merchandise segments.
  • Conducting “mystery shopping” calls-visits into seven competitive retail and commercial banking operations nationally.
  • Providing a comprehensive profile of twelve major global food companies.
  • Uncovering the organizational structures for marketing, R&D and sales departments of targeted consumer package goods firms.
  • Trade show visitation and interviewing at National Hardware and Lawn & Garden shows.

Read Part One: Market Intelligence Helps Meet Customer Needs

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