Market Intelligence Helps To Meet Customer Needs

Market Intelligence Research – Part One

Today’s marketplace is moving at a whirlwind pace. Existing domestic competitors and rapidly developing foreign threats are undermining your revenue streams and profitability. Meeting customers’ needs before your competition does is imperative just for survival of your long-term existence.

On Target Market Intelligence Research

On Target Market Intelligence Research from Just The Facts

What is called for is comprehensive research into what we refer to as Market Intelligence. This means keeping ahead of your competition by anticipating and monitoring their past, present and future moves. Studies consistently demonstrate that firms having proactive competitive market intelligence research at their disposal produce superior results.

Just The Facts Research assists clients with a critical strategic knowledge obtained through our highly skilled use of competitive research tools, lessening your business’ vulnerability. This research into the intelligence of your market competitors covers many aspects, including:

  • Industry analysis for trends and key dynamics and shifting core drivers.
  • Market assessment: should we enter/stay in this niche, do we have right product-service mix, how well served by competitors now?
  • Comprehensive company and management profiling to understand capabilities.
  • In-depth company diagnosis for all SWOT elements (strength, weakness, opportunities and threats).
  • Pre-acquisition investigation of all key market drivers: products, marketing, sales, R&D, positioning, brand strength-weakness, new products capabilities, distribution channels.
  • Customer perspectives analysis; who are they, why do they or don’t they buy, how strong is product offering, likelihood of future purchase, competitive trade-offs.

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If you need assistance in researching and analyzing information based on market intelligence pick up the phone and call Just The Facts today at 847-506-0033 for a FREE consultation to discuss project needs.

Examples Of Quantitative Market Research Projects

Quantitative Market Research Projects – Part Two

Quantitative Market Research - Mother and Children Survey

Quantitative Market Research – Mother and Children Survey

Client segments span consumer, B2B, non-profits, medical, financial, insurance, education, professional associations, political, legal and religious organizations. Just a few illustrations of our breadth of coverage in the area of Quantitative Market Research:

  • Concept-trial-purchase interest for new candy line
  • Pre-post flight advertising testing of consumer health product Continue reading

Primary Quantitative Market Research Based On Optimal Method

Primary Quantitative Research – Part One

Quantitative Market Research - Telephone Surveys

Quantitative Market Research – Telephone Surveys

JTF Research possesses significant talents in survey research of all types including Quantitative Market Research. Our expertise is critical in designing the most optimal method to uncover fresh insights and strategic direction.

Methods employed in Quantitative Market Research depend on the individual assignment, project objectives and budget factors. They may include:

  • Mystery Shopping
  • Phone Surveys
  • Online-Web
  • Mall Intercepts

The selected methodology in Quantitative Market Research incorporates balancing the clients’ objectives, target respondents (and their ease-difficulty of access), time frames, ultimate response rate, and of course, budget. Continue reading

Qualitative Market Research Audience Experience

Primary Qualitative Research – Part Three

In part one of this series I discussed how Just The Facts uses focus groups, executive and professional interviewing as well as depth one-on-one interviews to deliver perspectives and insights to assist in your marketing decision making. In part two I presented illustration of focus groups and interviews uses in qualitative market research. To sum up the series, here are some qualitative marketing research audience experiences: Continue reading

Examples Of Qualitative Market Research Projects

Primary Qualitative Research – Part Two

Qualitative Market Research Interviews

Qualitative Market Research Interviews

In part one of this series I discussed how Just The Facts uses focus groups, in depth one-on-one interviews and interviewing of executives and professionals. We deliver insights and perspectives to aid in your marketing decision making processes.

Client segments span consumer, B2B, non-profits, medical, financial, insurance, education, professional associations, political, legal and religious organizations. These are but a very few illustrations utilizing focus groups and interviews in qualitative market research:

  • Positioning, branding, packaging of new dairy line.
  • Exploration of new power tool prototypes vs. competitors.
  • Understanding why a re-launched convenience food was failing. Continue reading

Qualitative Research Provides Decision Making Data

Primary Qualitative Research – Part One

Focus groups, one-on-ones in depth interviews (IDI’s) and executive/professional interviewing.

Focus Groups Is A Technique Used In Qualitative Research

Focus Groups Is A Technique Used In Qualitative Research

Many persons state they are qualified moderators, as they think it “looks so easy to do”.  But successful moderation requires a high degree of skill, insights, organization and anticipation.  It also requires an ability to bring a session together, yet draw out key issues that guide decision making and  teasing out valuable insights.

The moderator’s skill sets are the most important aspect of conducting results-producing qualitative research. All moderators are not alike, and having a top-notch moderator makes or breaks the sessions. Continue reading

Just The Facts | Experienced With Diverse Products

Our breadth of knowledge and industry experience is our source of strength and strategic advantage for your organization. Because Just The Facts has worked on so many different products, industries and diverse settings, a significant amount of “cross pollination” occurs which brings out the best results for all…

Marketing Research Diversity

Marketing Research Diversity

  • Industries and segments we have significant knowledge and insights of:
  • Advertising: concept, communications, awareness (pre-post testing), attitudes and behaviors
  • Consumer: package goods, lawn & garden, toys-hobby, electronics, power tools, automotive, durables and non-durables
  • Education: curriculum, school district evaluation, parent perception/attitudes
  • Financial: banking, credit cards, loans, mortgages, sub-prime, commercial
  • Food, candy and beverage: shelf stable, refrigerated, frozen, deli, dairy
  • Industrial and distribution: heavy industry, construction, equipment, manufacturing, facilities and channel segments Continue reading

Beginning The Research Process At Just The Facts

Company Philosophy – Part Two

The JTF process begins with full capability to provide one or more services:

Just The Facts Company Philosophy

Just The Facts Company Philosophy

  • Comprehensive secondary knowledge for framing a project and its foundation.
  • Complete competitive intelligence investigation for gaining insights of the market and competitors.
  • Innovative qualitative (focus groups/one-ones) for deep understanding of needs, attitudes, behaviors, and perceptions.
  • Substantive quantitative (surveys-mall intercepts-IHUT) for large-scale representative response from target audiences to ensure viability.
  • Strategic consulting for guiding and developing successful product, business and operational opportunities.

Continue reading

This Is Our Company Philosophy At Just The Facts

Company Philosophy – Part One

Why do we say that Just The Facts Research, Inc. is a very unique strategic research firm?

Just The Facts Company Philosophy

Just The Facts Company Philosophy

We’ve contributed to over $10 Billion in client successes through supporting their critical decision making with leading edge, insightful research, saving management time and maximizing budgeted resources.

1. Insightful perspectives: Our principal and senior associates have over 30 years experience in critical strategic knowledge of: research, marketing, new products, competitive intelligence and acquisitions. We’ve guided research, development and building of many successful products and businesses ourselves…we’ve sat in your chair and understand key dynamics and success drivers. Continue reading

Fresh Thoughts | Perspectives On Market Research


Just The Facts, Inc. challenges convention, bringing fresh, strategic thinking to bear on the important critical assignments your organization confronts…never taking anything for granted because we know your competition doesn’t.

Just The Facts Fresh Thinking

Fresh Thinking and New Perspectives

Just The Facts Research, Inc. is dedicated to “new” thinking and perspectives. Consider the paraphrased quotes of some well established minds, who at one time, thought they were all on the right track!

There is no reason for individuals to have computers in their home.” Kenneth Olsen, founder of Digital Equipment Corporation, 1977.

The use of tobacco has a beneficial Continue reading