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Highest Quality Secondary and Desk Top B2B or B2C Research

Highest Quality Secondary and Desk Top B2B or B2C Research

Foundational secondary and desk top research provides key information on trends, insights, statistics and learning for critical decision making.

Highest Quality Secondary and Desk Top B2B or B2C Research

Why Secondary and Desk Top Research "isn't secondary" to Just The Facts!

• 20+ years in Secondary / Desk Top Research for B2C & B2B topics

Clients come to JTF Research because they recognize our depth and breadth in Secondary and Desk Top research sourcing is second to none! With over 7,500 proprietary databases, our collection is among the very best!

Whether your need is for secondary consumer data or business to business information, our resources can address your toughest requirements.  Just The Facts Market Research often finds "gold nuggets" and key insights meeting our clients' critical desk top needs.

• Our Secondary & Desk Top Research Experts Save Clients' Time

When clients are up against deadlines or unable to find critical information, valuable time and money is wasted. Because Just The Facts Market Research is the "Secondary Solutions" leader in Desk Top Research, we're able to access sources quickly and thoroughly in addressing client secondary research needs.

Because Secondary Information is constantly changing, our resources change in real time with the most up-to-date information available. Internet data is typically very old, and has little validity for client needs. JTF Research has the "freshest" data at our finger tips.

• Quality Secondary Research Results Bring Rich Insights

Just The Facts' unique Market Research "Knowledge Network™" brings together the best in Secondary & Desk Top data, all under one umbrella; our secondary research associates pull together meaningful information from a wealth of uncommon sources and provide it in a cohesive and logical format.

Our Secondary and Desk Top research summary presentation makes the information easy to understand, use, and share, thus adding value and impact for key client decisions, strategies and execution.

Bottom line... our Secondary and Desk Top Research expertise means... "Knowledge is YOUR Competitive Edge!"

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What is Secondary (Desk Top) Research?

Secondary and Desk Top Research accesses unique collections of existing or published information, statistics, reports with professional perspectives on a "given" topic.  Many today, believe everything is available for "free" on the Internet... not true!  Only a fraction of 1% of the total "information universe" is found there.

Reliable Secondary and Desk Top research, is best found from "secondary providers" that are not "free" on the Internet; these include professional "knowledge repositories" that aren't accessible by web crawlers.

Clients gain an advantage from JTF because we're able to draw from our vast experience in Secondary and Desk Top research.  We provide rich reliable "solutions" from our "KnowledgeNetwork,™" giving clients access to a global portal of entirely unique information gleaned from as many as 7,500 proprietary databases and collections which each possess millions of secondary data sets.

Just The Facts' Secondary Market Research accesses one-of-kind sources such as news articles, trade magazines, industry association papers-studies, professional interviews, key note speeches, industry conference notes, PR releases and much, much more.

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Call us today at 847-506-0033 for a FREE Secondary Research consultation!

Secondary (Desk Top) Research Examples:

  • Marketing, industry, category growth and forecasts
  • Market, industry, category overview, direction and trends
  • Company profiles, insights, strategies and tactics
  • Competitor tracking on wide range of issues and topics
  • New product introductions and tracking
  • Brand and SKU level detail for market penetration, sales and units for consumer packaged goods
  • Advertising, promotion and merchandising activities and trends
  • Identifying leading companies, competitors or targets within industries or categories
  • Patent trends and history to understand future competitor actions
  • Ad hoc information requests for statistics, key facts, and topics of particular interest

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